Why Choose Joint Tec


– the development of a world class brush in pavement jointing compound. With the decades of knowledge and expertise gained, which propelled our parent company Kelly & Sons Ltd. to the leading processors of a high grade decorative and industrial sands in Ireland. We decided in early 2016 to commence an R&D programme on the production of a world class brush in pavement compound.

As importers and processors of some of the finest sands from across Europe, we came to the conclusion that we could produce a product as good, if not better than anything currently available in the market. While most of our peers offer products in flat colours, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and given the raw material processing ability we possess, we decided to concentrate on textures.

During our research and development stage we created in excess of 50 various shades, sizes and textures of compounds. We then selected our final 4, which we thought would most highly compliment the wide range of paving currently used.

Whether you’ve laid grey or yellow granite, one of the various shades of sandstone, limestone, slate, yorkstone or a decorative concrete pavement, we’re confident one of our colours will compliment it perfectly.

We truly hope our passion shines through.