Preparation before you use Joint Tec

  • It is important that the site being used is free draining. As Joint Tec cures on air contact, if the base never or rarely dries out this will result in joint failure.
  • The paved area should have a slight fall for drainage purposes.
  • As Joint Tec is a permeable product it is essential that the bedding and sub base are also permeable to ensure the paved area will be free draining. Where a mortar bedding is used it should be no stronger than 6 parts sand to 1 part cement.
  • Joint Tec can be applied in almost all weather conditions .Extremes need to be accounted for, so in freezing conditions it is recommended to wait until the temperatures increases above 4 degrees Celsius. Heavy rain  can disturb the sand particles also while prolonged rain can extend the curing process.
  • As Joint Tec cures on air contact , it will obviously cure quicker on a warm dry day rather than a cold wet day. It will cure but will just take longer.


Some natural stone materials , due to their porous nature are more susceptible to staining. For example, limestone and sandstone.

It is imperative you follow the instructions on application of Joint Tec to avoid this, and understand the importance of continuously using water during the process.

As Joint Tec is made from a natural aggregate it is advised to use product from the same batch, to ensure colour consistency, as with all natural occurring materials variation can occur.

When cleaning your paving with a power washer it is important not to direct the jet of water directly at the joints as this will compromise the joints.

We recommend you carry out a small sample are to ensure you are happy with the colour of the product and you are comfortable with application.

It is advise to use a  small amount of product at first until you are comfortable you are following the application guidelines correctly.


Paving with a V Shaped Joint or Chamfered Paving 

V shaped joint occurs where 2 paving slabs are wider at the top than at the bottom.

It is important to ensure at least a 3mm gap is maintained throughout.

An irregular v shaped joint means that any type of filler will have difficulty staying in place  and for this reason recommend that Joint Tec is  not suitable for use with v shape joints.


Safety and Precautions

  • May cause irritation to sensitive skin
  • If product enters eye, wash thoroughly and seek medical advice
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves
  • Take care of using arounds ponds as Joint Tec can be harmful to aquatic and pond life

Take steps to ensure Joint Tec does not get swept into any drains