Top tips

  • It is essential all areas to be pointed are saturated in water prior to pointing and remain wet for the entire process .This is especially important on warm dry days.
  • When using Joint Tec, use in small manageable amounts, avoid spreading over a large area before application.
  • Joint Tec can be brushed in or used as a slurry to ensure all joints are filled and compacted.
  • Joint Tec can be also used to joint wall capping by taping the open ends.
  • When you  no longer see the ‘rainbow effect’ on oily water on the paving you will know that the binding oil has been completely removed.
  • Remember to always brush diagonally across the joint so you don’t remove  any Joint Tec from the joint being careful not to brush into any nearby drains.
  • Always use a clean dry brush to remove final remaining grains after final wash.
  •  We recommend you carry out a sample paving section to confirm the suitability of Joint Tec for the conditions and paving type. Please note that staining can occur on certain paving especially near the joints, if it is not kept wet throughout the application process and if the surface of the paving is not cleaned of any surplus compound. Please ensure the whole are is kept soaked throughout the process , especially on warmer days.
  • If you have some surplus compound it can be saved for later use  by emptying the contents of bag into the bucket and covering with water. The product can be reused for up to one month later.